Father begins jail sentence over child support payments

A father in Texas who is embroiled in a child support case was taken into custody in June in order to begin a six-month jail sentence. He had allegedly fallen behind on his child support payments and owed more than $3,000. The man showed up to the Harris County civil courthouse to start his sentence.

Before he was taken to jail, the man did pay the amount of what he owes, plus an additional $1,000. But by the time he did that, the laws had changed that made it impossible for him to avoid jail. The man is also accused of not following a visitation schedule and that he kept the mother away from the child. His attorneys hope that the judge will suspend his sentence and free him so he can continue to make child support payments and continue spending time with his son.

Recently divorced parents can often experience difficulty since returning to full-time employment can be impractical while also caring for their children. In these situations, it may be best to contact an attorney to figure out how to mandate the child support payments. Currently in Texas, there are strict requirements for granting child support payments. Individuals are legally bound to support their children until the age of 18, and in some cases even longer.

Child support payments can be paid by a variety of combinations including lump-sum payments or periodically. Getting help from an attorney may provide an individual with the option in determining child support payments and may establish who is responsible for the overall payments.

Source: KPRC, “Dad begins jail sentence in complicated child support case“, Mary Benton, June 24, 2014