Children With Special Needs And Child Support

Most parents are familiar with the idea of child support lasting until a child is 18 or the age of majority. But children with special needs continue to need support even after reaching the age of majority, and child support is designed to ensure that both parents are financially accountable for making sure the well-being of their child is protected.

Questions About Child Support And Special Needs Children?

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Protecting Parents And Children In Fort Worth And Throughout Texas

In cases involving children with special needs, the issue is not whether or not support is needed to protect their quality of life, the issue is making sure that the value of the support is maximized.

If you are receiving child support and are the primary caregiver of a child with special needs, it is important to make sure that the support you receive is based on the true income of the payer. If you are paying child support for your special needs child, it is in your interest to make sure the money is being used responsibly in order to protect your child’s quality of life

It Is About Your Child

All issues in these cases come down to one thing: the best interest of the child. Everything else — from the amount of money being paid to what that money is being spent on — comes back to that core issue. Our lawyers have extensive experience with these matters and can be relied upon to look out for your child and handle any legal dispute with dignity and discretion.

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