Reality TV star facing felony charges over delinquent support

Texas residents may be interested in the legal trouble that one television personality is finding himself in after he allegedly failed to make over $1 million in child support payments. Prosecutors are pursuing possible felony charges against him in connection with the delinquent payments.

Atlanta police officers arrested VH1 reality TV star Steven Jordan, otherwise known as Stevie J, on February 9. Jordan formerly worked with the Bad Boy Entertainment record label. The charges stem from a 1999 child support order in New York. Jordan was required to pay $6,608 every month to his two children, according to reports. In 2011, the court increased the monthly support payment to $8,557. Manhattan prosecutors claim that Jordan failed to make a number of these payments, totaling over $1.1 million. These charges for failing to make required child support payments can potentially lead to a two-year prison sentence.

The complaint filed against Jordan alleges income that he has received since 2003. This includes music royalties totaling $105,000 and a monthly television salary of $27,000 for his work on a VH1 show that began in October 2012. The prosecutor says that, rather than paying his child support obligation, Jordan decided to spend the income on himself. Reports indicate that $18,566 in total was garnished from his paychecks during that time.

Jordan is expected to appear before an Atlanta federal judge regarding the charges. In situations like this where there is a failure to pay child support, even the child’s every day expenses can be difficult to make. An attorney may be able to help by bringing legal action against the parent responsible for the payments. The attorney may also be helpful in other family law legal issues.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “VH1 Reality Star Arrested Over Child Support”, Feb. 10, 2015