Should you still go on vacation before a divorce?

You’ve been planning your vacation for a year. The tickets are bought, you already asked for time off work and your kids are looking forward to it. Now, though, you and your spouse have been fighting and talking about a divorce. Since you’re going to split up, is it still wise to go on the trip?

Naturally, every case is different. However, there are some very good reasons why you should still take your vacation, even if you and your soon-to-be ex have to work hard to get along.

For one thing, you want the divorce to impact the children as little as possible. They were excited about the trip, and taking it away from them because of choices you and your spouse have made could cause them to feel cheated. Yes, you’re paying for the trip, not them, but children don’t necessarily look at things that way.

On top of that, you could take quite a financial hit if you cancel the vacation. Some tickets are not refundable. If the money is already spent, do you really want to miss out on what you purchased?

The key is often just to get in the right mindset before you leave. Expect it to be hard at times. Plan ahead so that you don’t have to work together and plan on the fly. Focus on your children, making sure they have fun, rather than spending time with your spouse. These are all things you can do to take a successful vacation, even in troubled times.

As your divorce draws near, it’s wise to look into all of your legal rights. This is especially true for families with children and disposable income, where issues like child support and child custody spring to the forefront.

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