Divorce For Business Executives

Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., offers a broad range of divorce and other family law services to business executives throughout the Metroplex. Our services are carefully tailored to reflect the unique needs and concerns of highly successful individuals for whom the stakes during divorce proceedings are inevitably high. We offer the type of strategic, professional counsel that highly successful Texans demand and deserve.

Fort Worth Law Firm Handling Division Of Assets And Property For Business Executives

For business executives and other successful professionals, their income and assets will touch on nearly every aspect of a divorce, from the amount of alimony and child support they will be liable to pay, to how marital assets will be distributed once a divorce is finalized.

As lawyers with substantial experience in these high-stakes scenarios, we work aggressively to obtain a complete portrait of our clients’ wealth and then begin developing a strategy to maximize what they will retain. Among the assets that our clients turn to our firm to help protect are:

  • Executive compensation packages, including pensions and retirement accounts
  • Investment properties, including second homes and vacation residences
  • Business interests, including stocks

As we are committed to providing the highest levels of service to our clients, our divorce attorneys in Fort Worth can work collaboratively with their financial and retirement planners as well as engage the services of forensic accountants and business valuation experts whenever necessary.

Finally, we recognize that our high-profile, high net worth clients have personal and professional reputations that are essential to maintain, even in the face of a divorce or separation. Our firm excels at providing superior counsel that is discreet and sensitive to the statue of our clients in their professional fields and the greater community.

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