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At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., in Fort Worth, we recognize how important it is for people to feel that their assets are safe and have the peace of mind of knowing that some difficult and important decisions are behind them. If you have a high-asset estate or specific assets that you wish to safeguard in the event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement (prenup) can be a wonderful tool for you and your future spouse.

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Do You Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

Technically, anyone can get a prenuptial agreement. For many people it is worth it for the peace of mind alone. But if you have recently inherited a large estate that you wish to protect, you are a business owner, or you are entering into a second marriage and want to protect your heirs, a prenuptial agreement is likely in your best interest. Other assets that can be protected in a prenuptial agreement include retirement plans, pensions, real estate and professional practices.

These are all issues that, in the event of divorce, would have to be addressed at a difficult time. A prenuptial agreement allows you to discuss those issues now and come to a resolution before you get married.

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