process of visitation rights for military child custody
Military Child Custody Explained Military child custody issues can pose challenges for civilians and service members. How is child custody and support handled when a military parent has sole custody or shares joint physical custody and is transferred, deployed or returns home? We address your questions about Texas military child custody and military relocation and child custody here. ...
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Conflict Of Interest Family Members Working Together
I may be a divorce attorney by day (well, sometimes all hours of the day), but I am also a business owner who has worked with family members, both in the past and present. In my “day job,” issues pertaining to family businesses and divorce frequently come up and questions regarding conflict of interest family...
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Army Divorce Regulations: Getting a Divorce in the Military
There’s no shortage of curiosity about statistics related to divorce. Members of the military and their spouses often experience unique circumstances compared to civilians, which can put added pressure on military couples and increase the likelihood of divorce. That being said, the military divorce rate isn’t the highest among occupations in the U.S., and many...
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finding hidden assets
If you suspect (or know) your spouse isn’t being forthcoming about what’s going on with your marital finances, and a divorce is imminent, what should you do? Your best first step is to hire an experienced divorce attorney who can explain how to find money hidden by spouse and what legal steps you could take...
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Accusations of infidelity and emotional affairs are commonplace leading up to and during divorce. People have been cheating on their spouses since the Stone Age. In recent years, social media has made it easier to reconnect with an old flame or flirt with someone exciting and new. If you’re single, that’s great but if you’re...
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Whether you have been served with divorce papers by a spouse (or you’re a third party who has been served due to a connection to the case), it’s generally a good idea to seek legal advice. The state of Texas has established specific procedures and timelines for responding to lawsuits. Not abiding by these requirements...
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What Is Mediation - Definition & Process
If you’re involved in a divorce or child custody dispute, where you and the other party can’t agree on terms, there are generally two ways to resolve your case. You can either go to trial or try to resolve your issues through the mediation process. What is mediation, and what does a mediator do? I’ll...
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Green Card Divorce What You Need to Know
As a family law firm that operates in Texas, we often have clients ask us green card divorce questions. Some people want to know how long do you have to wait to get a divorce after you get a green card, while others wonder what will happen to their kids if they get deported. We...
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Division of Assets in Divorce Who Gets What
When a couple decides to divorce, splitting assets in the marital estate can get complicated for a variety of reasons. Emotional attachment to assets can be an issue and the lack of liquidity of certain assets can pose challenges. Some clients want to maintain ties to an asset and ask, “can you divorce without splitting...
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Dissolution vs Divorce: Understanding the Legal Separation Spectrum
Most people know what divorce means but dissolution is another term that often comes up when a married couple decides to split. As with most issues pertaining to the end of a marriage, the laws and terms used vary from state to state. In fact, the difference between dissolution and divorce is different in the...
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Can divorced parents live together Exploring Legal Boundaries
Can divorced parents live together? Exploring Legal Boundaries
May 30, 2024
How To Change A Court Order For Child Custody Legal Advice
How To Change A Court Order For Child Custody: Legal Advice
May 27, 2024
Conflict Of Interest Family Members Working Together
Conflict Of Interest Family Members Working Together
May 20, 2024

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