Back To School or Back To Stress? You Have The Choice.

It’s that time again.

You’ve seen the displays at retail stores.

It’s coming.


This is a hectic time of the year for parents and kids everywhere, but it can be a complete mess for divorced parents and their children.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Back to school and the rest of the school year can be an enjoyable time. We hope the following tips put you and your children on the right course.

Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

It may sound like a cliché, but you need to be the adult in the room. When conflict begins to arise, stop and ask yourself “is this really worth bickering over?”

Plan Ahead

A solid custody agreement is the key to parental bliss throughout the entire calendar year. An experienced family law attorney can ensure that your agreement covers all issues, including work schedules, special needs, and work-related travel.

Do you want to take a vacation during Christmas or Spring Break? Work together and plan it so all parties can move forward feeling good about it.

Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Be Flexible

Raising kids is unpredictable. When children suddenly have multiple school-related activities, play-dates, and sports practices to get to, even the most well thought out plan can require some tweaking. It is important to be willing to occasionally trade custody time or make other arrangements to preserve your parental rights while allowing your kid to be a kid.

Be Honest

There are events such as parent-teacher conferences that you should both attend. But, if you don’t get along with your ex, it is okay to split up responsibility for the other activities. By reaching agreements over who is doing what, you can avoid being sucked into legal fights down the road.