Child Custody
Dr. Galloway and Sad child
At the Sisemore Law Firm in Fort Worth, we often encourage clients to speak with a family therapist during divorce—especially when children are involved. Not sure if family counseling is right for you? We asked Tarrant County licensed family therapist Gina Galloway, Ph.D. to shed light on the many ways counselors can help families before,...
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Mom, son and dad on park bench having a serious discussion
Breaking the news about a pending divorce can be hard for many parents. Others present the topic poorly, making it difficult for a child to process and cope with the news. Some parents avoid the topic altogether, which isn’t healthy for the child either. If you’re unsure how to tell your kids you’re getting a...
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Dr. Gina Galloway and Attorney Justin Sisemore
Fort Worth divorce attorney Justin Sisemore, founder of the Sisemore Law Firm, recently sat down with Gina Galloway Ph.D., a Tarrant County family therapist, to find out how families are dealing with challenges in the midst of the pandemic. From the stressors of quarantine to disagreements over mask-wearing to the inability to get disputes resolved...
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Daughter with military father hugging
Child custody issues serve up plenty of challenges for civilians. When a spouse or parent serves in the military—and you’re in the midst of a pandemic—things can get even more complicated. This is evident in the many calls we’ve received lately about custody issues involving children of military service members. Our founder Justin Sisemore addresses...
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child sitting in between two arguing parents
Can I still file for divorce right now? Should I wait to file a petition for modification of child support? These are common questions we’re hearing at our Fort Worth family law firm in light of COVID-19. The truth is this: If you’ve postponed a divorce or child custody suit due to shelter in place—you...
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Girl on Swing
When parents disagree about issues involving their kids—child custody, visitation, rights, duties and the like—those differences need to be hashed out in court or mediation. In some cases, the court, parents, guardians or a government agency may request that a neutral attorney be brought in to help figure out what arrangements would be in the...
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Woman with covid mask walking away from playground
MARCH 25,2020—If you share custody or have a child custody case pending in Tarrant County, you may wonder how the novel coronavirus pandemic and government mandates will affect you and visitation with your kids. While the situation continues to evolve, we’ve compiled a COVID-19 “state of the union” and have addressed some common concerns of...
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Family in court with gavel
Many parents fighting for custody of their kids underestimate the intricacies of child custody evaluations. Not only are they time consuming and costly, there is a human component involved—the evaluator—which means custody evaluations are anything but routine. If you’re facing a child custody evaluation, it’s essential to understand the process and find a divorce attorney...
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child holding parents together
Child support is a hot topic for clients at our Fort Worth family law firm. Some parents say that child support guidelines in Texas don’t adequately address their children’s needs. Conversely, other parents tell us their paychecks aren’t big enough to cover child support and the rest of their bills. Are these parents being unreasonable?...
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Family Breaking Apart
This is a common question we hear from parents at our Fort Worth law firm. The answer to this question depends on what the parent believes “full custody” or “sole custody” means because custody isn’t a term used in Texas law. If you’re hoping to get full custody of your child in Texas, you can...
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