Fathers’ Rights
Sad Child Parents on Beach in Background
Divorce and child custody battles often go hand and hand. If you’re getting a divorce (or never married but split up with your child’s other parent), who gets custody of the child in divorce is probably top of mind. You may also be wondering how to get primary custody, and how custody works in general....
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With the back-to-school season looming, parents are scrambling to arrange online schooling for their kids due to COVID-19. In recent weeks, many parents have asked us how child custody may be impacted if they allow their ex or a stepparent to monitor schooling. Other parents ask who gets to make decisions about homeschooling, changing schools...
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We get it. During child custody disputes, it can be soooooo tempting to speak poorly of the other parent. Both parents may want the child to think they are the better parent—but guess what? Parental alienation is not only damaging to the child, but it’s also likely to backfire on the parent guilty of such...
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Parental alienation, words or actions taken in an effort to turn one’s child against the child’s other parent, occurs much too often when couples split. If you’re struggling to “play nice” with your ex in the co-parenting department, think twice. Not only could your attempts at parental alienation negatively affect your possession and visitation rights,...
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One of the most common questions parents ask our Fort Worth family law attorneys is, “How can I get a 50/50 possession schedule?” However, before digging into the HOW, it’s important to figure out IF a 50/50 possession schedule (often referred to as 50/50 custody or equal possession) makes sense for both parents, and most...
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Single father with his daughter and a pumpkin pie.
Amicably co-parenting is a big challenge for many couples during and after divorce. When you add holidays into the mix—along with all the memories and traditions tied to them—emotions can really run high. Taking proactive steps early in the divorce process is key if you want to avoid holiday co-parenting drama and minimize stress for...
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The Internet is bursting with information, and you’ll find plenty of how-to articles and videos on just about any topic—including divorce. Some people even turn to online divorce websites because they don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a divorce attorney. What they don’t realize—and some of our clients have found out—is that going...
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Paper Family
For better or worse, divorces do not happen overnight. It can take several months to move from “divorcing” to “divorced.” During this transition period, you do not stop being a parent, which means you will still have to raise your kids with each other, even though you are living separately. This can be a very...
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Dad with baby
Child custody and visitation disputes are highly emotional and legally complicated. Whether you are heading in to court or a mediation session to resolve these issues, it is important for parents to prepare because it can be easy to get overwhelmed in these situations. If you are a father, then you would be especially wise...
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Girl hugging her mother
Not so long ago, mothers were more likely than fathers to win sole custody of their children in a custody battle in Texas. As time and culture have progressed, so has parenting and custody. Where it was once rare for both parents to work outside of the home—and more likely for mothers to stay home...
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