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Recently divorced? 4 ways to make holidays happier for your kids

The holidays can be a very difficult time of year for parents who are newly divorced and navigating the season as separate families for the first time. Parents and kids can feel sad, scared and stressed out about what to expect when they are celebrating holidays.

Advice for dads: navigating the divorce process

One of the most devastating aspects of divorce for fathers can often be the prospect of losing a valuable bond with their children, or the fear of losing custody of them completely. Although such worries are understandable, especially at such a tumultuous time, there should be no reason to fear. If a loving father takes the right approach to the divorce process, there should be no reason why he loses a connection with his children. If anything, the relationship could become stronger as a result.

Access to support that single dads need

Over the years, the percentage of households that consist of single dads rather than two parents or single moms has increased rapidly. But unfortunately, there is often not much support out there for the specific needs of single dads and their children. Because of the traditional scenario of single moms taking full or majority custody of their children, there are a lot of resources out there for mothers. But when it comes to dads, it might feel like the cards are stacked against them, especially when it comes to finding supports and resources.

A dad's guide to custody battles

As a dad, it can be heartbreaking to go through a custody battle to fight for time with your kids. This is not made easier by the fact that many expect mothers to get the majority of the time with their children. Maybe you are involved in a battle where the mother is determined to get full custody, perhaps you believe that you should be entitled to a 50/50 time split, or perhaps you are concerned about the mother's ability to parent.

The harsh reality of being a single father

Everyone wants the best for their children, and with that a secure family unit is seen by society as the ideal. But often that is not realistic; relationships fall apart, rifts divide and parents separate or decide to divorce. But just because a family is not a traditional unit doesn't mean that you cannot provide a loving support system for your children. More fathers than ever are single fathers, and although it can be difficult to raise your children partially or completely alone, it's a great foundation for a child's development.

How to legally establish paternity

If unmarried parents separate, it is extremely important from a child custody perspective for the father to establish legal paternity. In order to do this, you usually have to start a court case. The exact procedure varies from state to state, but in an ideal situation, it should be done immediately after the child is born.

Why do Texas courts use the term "conservatorship"?

In Texas, child custody language varies slightly to the language used in many other states. When talking about child custody, Texan courts instead refer to "conservatorship". In the same light, they also name what other states would call a child's custodian as a "conservator". The word "conservatorship" is used to describe the responsibilities as well as the rights that a parent has towards a child when he or she is in a parent's custody.