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Using technology wisely when you share custody

Technology can be a double-edged sword with regard to family legal battles. For instance, it can spark contentious battles during a divorce when spouses use GPS or malware to spy on each other, but it also can preserve relationships between parents and children by allowing them to stay connected when they cannot be together physically.

What you can do about high-conflict custody exchanges

Exchanging custody can be difficult when parents resent, distrust or hate each other. Even brief encounters can spiral into screaming matches, and there are parents who simply won't show up to an exchange in an effort to punish the other parent. There may also be legitimate concerns about a child's safety.

Addressing a child's preference in a custody case

One of the factors that Texas courts can consider when determining child custody is the preference of the child. This doesn't always happen, particularly if the child is under 12, but parents should understand and respect the fact that a child can have a say in his or her own future.

When grandparents are estranged because of custody

Grandparents often play an important role in children’s lives. Unfortunately, there are some instances where grandparents can lose contact with their grandchildren, either from a separation, divorce, or a remarriage. Divorce especially triggers an outpouring of emotions for everyone involved, including the divorcing couple’s parent. While some marriages end amicably, others can end in a bitter court battle and grandparents run the risk of not being able to see their grandchildren as consistently as they’re used to, or sometimes not at all.

When the custodial parent dies

The death of a parent is a tragic event for any child to experience. In Texas, the court will look out for the child’s best interests and place them in a stable environment to help them cope and heal. The new custodian can vary depending on the situation.