Should I be considering divorce mediation?

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Divorce can bring up a lot of tense feelings as you try to figure out the best steps from which to move forward. Doing this in a formal divorce court can sometimes feel overwhelming. Divorce mediation is sometimes a good option when you want to have a safe space in which to negotiate with your former spouse.

This blog will provide a brief overview into the advantages and disadvantages of divorce mediation and how it can possibly be beneficial to both parties involved.

It provides a level playing field

Divorce mediation makes sure to keep everything fair for both parties. The mediator is not paid to take either side of the argument, and will simply try to find ways for the two of you to agree.

It’s confidential

Divorce proceedings, when finalized, are public documents. But anything discussed with a mediator will always remain strictly confidential.

It saves time and money

Mediation is often less drawn out then litigation, and if successful, can save money in attorney fees.

Mediation is proven to have a high success rate among divorcing couples. However, there are some factors that can have negative effects, and you should be aware of them when considering divorce mediation.

Situations when mediation might not be the best option is when one of the spouses was abusive or controlling. In this situation, they might take mediation as an opportunity to avoid negotiating fairly when it comes to a divorce settlement.

Consensual mediation when going through a divorce can be a great choice and is definitely worth considering as an option. Find a divorce attorney in Fort Worth.

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