Children And Divorce

Representing Parents And Protecting Children In Fort Worth And Arlington

If you are facing divorce and you have children, it is important to realize that your emotions are raw right now and you are likely angry about the situation you are in. As your case unfolds it will be in your best interest and, more importantly, the best interest of your children to learn to work with the other parent.

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., we focus our energy and resources on achieving outcomes that balance the interests of parents and children during the divorce process. With that said, we also recognize the need to be aggressive on behalf of our clients when the time is right. If working with the other parent or co-parenting is not a feasible option, we will go to trial to protect your rights.

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When Dealing With Children’s Issues, We Use  A Cooperative Approach

The concept of collaborative law sounds wonderful. What better way to preserve an amicable relationship with the other parent than to engage in a collaborative process where everyone comes to the table and works through their issues? However, using collaborative law is not the only way of achieving this goal.  it can also hinder you by removing your right to go to trial if the process does not meet your needs.

In Texas, an attorney who represents you in collaborative law is not allowed to take the information from the collaborative law proceedings and represent you at trial. This means if you choose to pursue other means of resolving your child-related issues, you will have to go through the time and expense of starting from scratch.

Our versatile attorneys can pursue a cooperative approach — outside of the collaborative law framework — to resolving these issues through negotiation, without tying your hands in the event an amicable approach fails to protect your interests. This can save you time, money and frustration.

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