All is fair in marriage and alimony

We all know what kind of stigma alimony carries. While in the past alimony may have been considered a payment from the working man to non-working women, it has caught up with gender equality and more men are being awarded alimony.

Alimony is designed to bridge the income gap after divorce, and it stands to reason that people assume the giver makes more money. Although this is true, men receiving alimony shouldn’t feel any less than totally deserving. For years, women have been the beneficiaries of alimony payments. With the growing trend of stay-at-home dads and successful working mothers, the tables have turned.

Now that gender and income equality are making their way to present day, the playing field is more even. Being ordered to pay alimony, or being its recipient should be a fair game. Gender is no longer the determining factor in alimony. Women are no longer only stay-at-home moms, and men are no longer the only breadwinner.

The benefit of alimony is that either spouse can get it. Of course, there are circumstances that make alimony a no-go for some divorcing couples. Generally speaking, if the income is there, and it can be awarded, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

The only thing that can hold a man back from receiving alimony is himself. If you earn less than your spouse, you can request alimony. Divorcing men that are concerned with paying alimony or requesting it should speak to a trusted divorce attorney.

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