Our Family Wizard a useful online tool

If you’re divorced and you get along with your ex enough to co-parent then life is good. For many however, even being in the same room with an ex is difficult. It is not uncommon for divorced parents, even years later, to still refuse communication with each other. Fortunately Family Court has started recommending the Our Family Wizard (OFW) online communication tool.

Considered to be the most advanced child custody management tool, this online resource allows parents to communicate in safe, monitored environment. Immediately upon enrollment, families can start taking advantage of features like online scheduling, message boards and expense logs. Providing families with such a safe way to communicate and stay organized is why OFW is being used in almost all 50 states. Children are taken out of the middle of ugly custody arguments and given the ability to keep track of family and school events on their very own calendar. Additional features and ease of use make OFW a worthwhile tool for any divorced family, not just those with communication struggles.

Divorce impacts every member of the family but is especially damaging to children caught in the middle of ugly custody battles. Family courts around the nation have taken notice of the damage these fights can cause and have decided to do something about it. Our Family Wizard puts organization and communication back into shared parenting and is a useful online tool for all divorced families.

If you are a struggling with a child custody issue, an experienced family law attorney may be able to help.