Fathers’ rights important 365 days of the year

This past Sunday, families across the nation celebrated Father’s Day. It was a 24-hour span of time that was devoted to honoring the variety of contributions and sacrifices that dads make every day to ensure that their children grow up happy and healthy. While it is absolutely wonderful that we have a day on the calendar every year that is dedicated to dads, fathers fighting for parental rights in custody disputes hope it is a message that family courts take seriously every day of the year.

A lot of dads, like one Texas father that recently spoke out about his experience, are reaching out to family law attorneys during a divorce that make it absolutely clear that they understand the importance of the father-child relationship.

This particular Texas father was worried that the court would not only award his ex-wife with the homestead, but that it would also pave the way for a big visitation battle over their 12-year-old son. Eventually, the court designated the father as the custodial parent.

Recent data shows that more and more men are not only staying home with the kids, but they are also working hard to up the number of men awarded sole or equal shared custody. If numbers are your thing, then we can say that based on a Pew Research Center study, by 2012, about 900,000 more dads reported that they were the stay-at-home parent then did in 1989.

It isn’t just divorcing dads that want to ensure that their rights are adequately considered in custody disputes. Men that have a child outside of marriage may also seek the assistance of a father’s rights attorney in Fort Worth to both establish paternity and execute a custody arrangement that they can agree with.

Source: The Leaf Chronicle, “More fathers demand equal custody rights,” Sharon Jayson, June 14, 2014