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Tips for navigating a high-asset divorce

Divorces can be extremely costly, both emotionally and financially. In the case of high-asset divorces where a lot of financial loss or gain is at stake, a great deal of stress can be mitigated through doing good research, and taking the time to plan strategies logically and rationally.

Pick a neutral place for disagreements and conversations

You and your ex are going to split up and that means talking about child custody rights, money, property division and a whole host of other issues, all of which can be quite delicate. You may set out hoping to have a conversation, but you're worried it's going to turn into a disagreement and even a fight.

Why might you prefer lump sum alimony?

Lump sum alimony payments are not possible for everyone. If your spouse is being ordered to pay, he or she has to have enough money on hand, after the divorce, to make the payment. However, in some high asset divorce cases, this type of money is present, and there are some benefits with lump sum payments.

Should you hack your spouse's phone to find hidden assets?

You think your spouse is hiding assets during the divorce. Maybe he or she is acting strange -- in a way that you notice, but the court may not -- when asked about it. Maybe you thought you understood your family's financial picture, and there's simply not enough money there. Regardless of why you think your spouse is stashing assets away, you think he or she is doing it simply to keep you from getting a fair split in court.