Parenting styles create traits within your children

You’ve certainly met people with children whom you couldn’t stand. You’d never say it to that person’s face, but you found the kids to be frustrating and unpleasant.

While the blame for this doesn’t fall entirely on parents, psychologists warn that parenting styles often create these personality traits.

This can make it hard for parents to then connect with their children or even love them, experts warn. The kids may not obey the parents. They may be defiant and demanding, they may be hostile toward others and they can be unruly. Parents may feel exhausted trying to deal with them.

Psychologists have found that the root cause is often a parenting style that is problematic or inadequate. There are some fine lines that have to be walked in many cases. For instance, parents who are too strict may create these unfavorable traits. However, the same could be said for parents who don’t discipline their kids at all.

If you’re getting divorced, it’s very important to remember how influential your parenting styles can be. You and your ex need to work together to raise the kids, and what you choose to do can last a lifetime. You need to be on the same page.

Naturally, many parents don’t get along during the divorce process. However, as far as parenting plans and child custody and visitation rights are concerned, you and your spouse should try to do so. Be sure you know not just your legal rights, but also how decisions can be made to help your kids in the long run.

Source: Psychology Today, “8 Reasons Parents Fail to Love Their Kids,” Robert Firestone, accessed July 20, 2017