Services now offered in Texas for child custody support

Mom hugging daughter and son

Deciding child custody after a divorce can be a difficult decision for both parents, depending on their unique family situation. If primary custody is awarded to one party, often time the other parent will be responsible for child support payments to assist in the financial responsibility. Services now offered in Texas for child custody support may assist families in many ways after a divorce, including education and child support.

Once a child custody arrangement has been detailed and enforced, legal responsibilities may not cease. Child support and visitations may be a continuing factor in the new family situation, post-divorce. Research shows that non-custodial parents who remain connected and in regular communication with their children have a higher rate of following through on child support dues. Studies have also revealed that these children do better academically and have more positive behavior.

Because of these statistics, the Office of the Attorney General has implemented the accessibility of services designed to support families in child custody situations. The online database hosts a number of programs that parents can get in contact with, including basic legal guideline information. Specifics in child custody cases, litigation that a family may be involved in or child support is not available in this program, and must still be pursued independently.

Additional reports revealed that parents, who cooperated legally and received these additional services, pay over 30 percent more in child support than those who do not. Co-parenting education is available through the Office of the Attorney General, which may be an option for some families after the custody arrangement has been determined. Services now offered in Texas for child custody support could be utilized post-divorce to enhance a family’s ability to operate.

Source:, Shared Parenting Services Encourage Cooperation in Child Support Process, Greg Abbott, Sept. 18, 2013