Texas father seeking child custody after mother abandons baby

Dad holding daughter

A man in Texas is fighting for custody of his son after the mother of the child dropped the baby off at a local fire station. The father said he was unaware that the mother of their son was abandoning their baby and is now trying to gain child custody of their son to keep him out of foster care.

After the mother dropped the baby off outside a fire station, firefighters found the baby and contacted child protective services. The baby was placed in foster care by child protective services until they can find someone to care for the child.

The mother dropped the baby off at the fire station under the state’s Safe Haven law, which allows parents to leave their baby with an employee at a hospital, fire station or EMS station. The baby can be no more than two months old and must be unharmed.

Since this baby is already eight months old so child protective services is investigating the case and trying to find family who can care for the child. As part of the investigation, the mother came forward to identify the baby and to explain why she gave him up.

The father also spoke with child protective services and said he wants custody of the baby. However, the agency must wait for DNA results on the father to establish paternity before they can grant him custody of the child. Until the paternity test results come back and the agency says the father can take care of the baby, he will remain in foster care.

This case is an example of child custody issues unmarried parents may face in Texas. Fathers who are seeking custody of their child may want to consult a family law attorney to discuss how child custody decisions are made and what steps to take to speed up the process.

Source: ABC News, “Texas Man Fights for Custody of Baby Abandoned at Fire Station,” Christina Ng, Aug. 15, 2013