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How divorce affects the health of children

Texas parents who are contemplating a divorce may be interested in a recently-published study that was conducted in Sweden. Researchers looked at a group of children of the ages of 12 and 15 to see if their living arrangements had any bearing on the incidence of psychosomatic illnesses such as nausea and dizziness that may have their root in stress. It has long been suspected that the pressure of a divorce and the alterations in custody arrangements can have deleterious effects on children, from the mental to the physical. The researchers' idea was to compare psychosomatic illnesses against living arrangements and see if any trends developed.

Change of names after divorce

Some Texas residents may be interested in restoring their pre-marital name after divorce. This may be done as part of the divorce order or at a subsequent time. The easiest way is by asking the court to include it when the marriage is dissolved. Once the order is handed down by the divorce court, an individual may use a certified copy to change the name on any document. Presenting a copy of the order copy.

How is child custody affected by domestic violence?

A Texas court will take into consideration any recent domestic violence on the part of anyone wishing to have partial or sole custody of a child. Domestic violence is known as any intentional act by a party to cause physical harm to a spouse, a child's parent or anyone under the age of 18. Generally, courts will look closest at any pattern of abuse within two years of filing for custody.

Custody relocation laws for Texas parents

A commonly contentious item in divorce proceedings has to do with child custody, which involves the rights and responsibilities of caring for the child. This challenging situation may be exacerbated if a custodial parent relocates, forcing the other parent to engage in a long-distance relationship with the child. This is especially the case if an existing agreement states that the non-custodial parent is afforded visitation rights.

The best interests of the child principle

When two married parents obtain a divorce in the state of Texas, they must make arrangements for the care and nurturing of their child or children. Their right to maintain physical custody of their child will be subject to compromise, as will their right to make important decisions for their offspring. Whether they arrive at new arrangements between themselves through negotiation and mediation or their divorce goes to trial, the court will have a responsibility to review their decision and be certain that the best interests of the child are being met.

How cooperating with your ex can affect child custody

Marriages often fall apart because it becomes too hard for spouses to communicate and cooperate with one another. Once the divorce gets underway, these problems tend to grow worse as they are compounded by the complex negotiations and intense emotions that often come with the territory. However, especially for parents, it can be a very good idea to focus on cooperation and communication during divorce.

Indiana Pacers player involved in child custody lawsuit

Texas parents may be interested in the child custody issues that one professional basketball player is facing. He is arguing that he should have sole custody of the child should a paternity test confirm that he is the child's father.