Assets From Family-Owned Businesses

The Fort Worth family law firm of Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., provides aggressive and strategic representation to clients throughout the Metroplex who have complex property division concerns and other divorce-related legal needs. We are well-versed in successfully resolving complicated property disputes, including those arising from a business jointly owned by spouses.

Attorneys Who Help Value And Divide Business Assets in Fort Worth

The advantage of working with our experienced family law attorneys to handle your divorce-related business needs is that we will take considerable time to evaluate your family business assets and provide you with our seasoned opinion on how to proceed to best protect your financial interests.

While many individuals’ first instinct may be to sell off a business and split any profits, we know that this will not always be the best approach. In cases where spouses can maintain amicable ties following a divorce, maintaining joint ownership may be in a client’s best interest. In other cases, selling his or her share to the spouse — or purchasing the spouse’s share — may make the most financial sense.

We are able to provide these carefully tailored options to our clients because we regularly work with business valuation experts and other financial professionals to gain a complete picture of our clients’ future financial outlook. By taking this “big picture” approach, we ensure that their long-term financial health does not suffer for the sake of short-term gains.

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Our complex property division lawyers offer a confidential consultation for you to begin the process of developing your strategy for protecting your assets during a divorce. Contact our firm by calling (817) 336-4444. With offices located near the Tarrant County family courthouse in Fort Worth, we offer an additional convenience for our divorce and family law clients.