Complex Property Division

Although the rules of community property, which apply in Texas, may seem straightforward at first glance, there are many factors that can determine how a court will actually divide property during a divorce.

Attorneys Who Understand Issues Of Complex Property Division In Divorce

The attorneys and staff of Sisemore Law Firm, P.C. understand that protecting property interests will be a primary concern for many of our clients thinking about divorce. This is especially true for high net worth individuals. We recognize the need to handle these cases with the highest level of professionalism and discretion while acting aggressively to ensure that our clients’ property interests are preserved following the finalization of a divorce.

With our firm by their side, our clients rest assured that they have a legal advocate dedicated to protecting their personal and financial well-being.

Assisting Clients With Property Division, Business Valuation And Other Divorce-Related Legal Needs

In Texas, property acquired by one spouse prior to marriage is considered separate property. Gifts made through devise or inheritance are also considered separate property, as are personal injury judgments. Most other forms of property acquired during a marriage are considered community property.

Property division can become complex when one spouse has made a significant contribution of separate assets to a community property such as a jointly owned business. Courts may also be hesitant to perform a perfectly equal division of assets when doing so would be inequitable to one of the parties.

In order to provide courts with as much information as possible with which to rule favorably for our clients, we work with forensic accountants to obtain complete portraits of the finances of both our clients and their spouses. We also enlist the services of business valuation experts to determine the value of solely or jointly owned businesses.

Many clients who have entered into a prenuptial agreement have concerns about whether it will be enforced. We will evaluate these documents to determine how they are likely to affect the division of marital property.

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