Medical Practitioners And Divorce

The Fort Worth family law firm of Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., is responsive to the needs of high net worth individuals in the Metroplex, including doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals. We recognize the unique concerns that these clients have when contemplating divorce — or considering entering into a new marriage. We work to ensure that their private wealth and professional financial health are preserved for the long term.

Fort Worth Divore Lawyers Helping Medical Professionals During Divorce

Many of our medical professional clients who are in private practice have concerns regarding whether their spouses are automatically entitled to half of their income. For those who have executed prenuptial agreements, they wonder what the effect of those will be.

Our attorneys approach every client’s case creatively in order to ascertain how to best maintain his or her financial well-being while acknowledging what will have to be given to a spouse once a divorce is finalized. We seek opportunities to preserve our clients’ wealth whenever possible, such as by crafting settlements in order to avoid dividing the profits of a medical practice.

Alimony and child support are other matters that are of frequent concern to high net worth individuals. We represent our clients in all divorce-related disputes to ensure their long-term financial health.

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