Getting Started With A Divorce
Man at computer contemplating divorce
If you’re considering a divorce or in the process of getting one, it’s important to find the right divorce lawyer to offer you sound legal advice. But how do you go about finding the right attorney? The answer is simple: through a divorce lawyer consultation. This initial meeting with a potential lawyer is a chance...
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lawyer shaking hands with client
Not all attorney-client relationships are the perfect match. Changing attorneys in the midst of a Texas divorce is allowed and may be a good option—but not always. Before you decide to make the switch, it’s important to pinpoint why you’re unhappy with your divorce attorney and whether it makes sense timing-wise to change lawyers now....
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Heart Tearing
“That’s grounds for divorce!” is a phrase most Americans are familiar with—whether it’s stated as a serious accusation during conflict or discord or tossed out in jest. Yet, few people really know what grounds for divorce means or how it might affect their divorce settlement. Wondering how Texas grounds for divorce might affect your case?...
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Removing wedding ring
Divorce Deposition Tips and How to Prepare If you’re going through a divorce, your spouse’s attorney may ask to depose you (or your attorney may ask to depose your spouse) prior to going to trial. A deposition for divorce can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you prepare beforehand. What are...
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Couple not talking
When we ask clients what prompted them to consider divorce, lack of communication in marriage frequently comes up. What causes lack of communication in marriage, how concerned should you be about your marriage communication problems, and what steps can you take to address communication issues in your marriage or during divorce? Let’s discuss! Research does...
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It may be hard to believe but Facebook has been around and open to the general public since 2006—over 15 years! Twitter launched that same year, and since then we see new social network sites (SNS) popping up every day. Shortly after social media became a “thing,” complaints linking social media and marriage problems began...
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Couple arguing about divorce
If you’re considering divorce, or your spouse has already filed divorce papers, it’s important to understand the potential risks that coincide with ending a marriage and how to protect yourself during a divorce. Knowing your rights and proper steps to take leading up to and during divorce may help minimize the emotional and financial toll...
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Man with a camera investigating
You’re sure your spouse is cheating or hiding assets from you, so you want to file for divorce. To uncover proof of his or her misdeeds, you decide to hire a private investigator. Upon searching online for private investigators prices, you found this blog. You’ve come to the right place! Not only does this blog...
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Divorce Court Fort Worth Attorney
If you’ve never gone through a divorce, and this is your first rodeo in divorce court, you probably wonder what to expect. While your divorce attorney should prep you on what to expect in divorce court and what happens in divorce court hearing procedures, having a thorough understanding of the process may help level-set expectations...
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Couple discussing divorce
Asking for a divorce is never easy, even when you’re certain it’s the best option for you. Timing and the manner in which you present your decision are both critical when divorce is imminent. It’s also essential to speak with a divorce attorney and plan ahead before asking for a divorce. He or she can...
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