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January 2017 Archives

Should you hack your spouse's phone to find hidden assets?

You think your spouse is hiding assets during the divorce. Maybe he or she is acting strange -- in a way that you notice, but the court may not -- when asked about it. Maybe you thought you understood your family's financial picture, and there's simply not enough money there. Regardless of why you think your spouse is stashing assets away, you think he or she is doing it simply to keep you from getting a fair split in court.

Co-parenting tips when you don't get along with your ex

In a perfect world, you and your ex would still be on good terms and you could work together for the benefit of your child. Even if you know that's what you want ideally, though, the reality is that you and your ex may have had a messy divorce. It could have brought a lot of ugly truths to light, and now you may simply find it impossible to get along.