Advice for dads: navigating the divorce process

One of the most devastating aspects of divorce for fathers can often be the prospect of losing a valuable bond with their children, or the fear of losing custody of them completely. Although such worries are understandable, especially at such a tumultuous time, there should be no reason to fear. If a loving father takes the right approach to the divorce process, there should be no reason why he loses a connection with his children. If anything, the relationship could become stronger as a result.

One of the initial things that fathers should make sure of, from the first instance that they see a likelihood of divorce, is to write everything down that relates to their children. This could be threats from your former spouse, times that you visited or promises made. In the same light, it’s also a good idea to print bank statements so that you can back up your records of expenses in relation to the children.

You should also try and stay in the family home as long as possible before the divorce is settled. This is because leaving the family home will be seen as your own choice, and will put the mother in a position of power with respect to custody.

In general, rather than attempting to control a situation that is likely difficult for everyone, you should try and let go to an extent and focus on acceptance. Looking after your own mental health at times like these is crucial for both you and your children.

If you are experiencing difficulties as a father going through the process of divorce, it is advisable to speak to a trusted legal advisor who can help you through your challenges.