Divorce in Texas
Mom, son and dad on park bench having a serious discussion
Breaking the news about a pending divorce can be hard for many parents. Others present the topic poorly, making it difficult for a child to process and cope with the news. Some parents avoid the topic altogether, which isn’t healthy for the child either. If you’re unsure how to tell your kids you’re getting a...
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Dr. Gina Galloway and Attorney Justin Sisemore
Fort Worth divorce attorney Justin Sisemore, founder of the Sisemore Law Firm, recently sat down with Gina Galloway Ph.D., a Tarrant County family therapist, to find out how families are dealing with challenges in the midst of the pandemic. From the stressors of quarantine to disagreements over mask-wearing to the inability to get disputes resolved...
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sad woman on the phone
Shelter-in-place mandates have brought some couples joyfully together, while all of this forced togetherness has put other marriages to the test. Our lives will get back to normal—albeit a NEW normal—one day, but can your marriage survive? While we encourage couples to take proactive steps to solidify their marriages during these trying times, COVID-19 may...
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Couple in a tense conversation
Tensions run higher than normal during a crisis, especially when you live in close quarters 24/7/365 as many couples have during shelter in place. This forced togetherness combined with financial worries can really test a marriage. If your relationship is suffering due to pandemic pressures—take a breath. You may be able to save your marriage....
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Arm troops standing in formation
While military divorces bear many similarities to civilian divorces, federal regulations regarding military retirement benefits can complicate matters. Duration of marriage during military service, proper documentation and capabilities of legal counsel all play integral roles in the outcome of military divorce settlements in Texas. ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY: In honor of your service, the Sisemore Law...
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Daughter with military father hugging
Child custody issues serve up plenty of challenges for civilians. When a spouse or parent serves in the military—and you’re in the midst of a pandemic—things can get even more complicated. This is evident in the many calls we’ve received lately about custody issues involving children of military service members. Our founder Justin Sisemore addresses...
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Man on cell phone wearing business suit
“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” —C.S. Lewis While we have a long way to go before the coronavirus pandemic is in our rearview mirrors, we’re getting a glimpse of what family law will look like in the future. Family lawyers, clients and the courts adapted pretty quickly to shelter...
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person filling out an application
With small businesses struggling to survive due to COVID-19, The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has been facilitating loans and grants for small businesses to help offset temporary loss of income due to the coronavirus. If you’re getting a divorce, believe divorce is imminent, or receive child or spousal support from a small business owner,...
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Woman at computer with phone
Among all the stress and uncertainty we’re facing these days, an unexpected upside has emerged from this COVID-19 mess. It’s become a heck of a lot easier, more efficient and even less costly to resolve divorce and child custody disputes in Texas. That’s right folks—sheltering in place has its benefits. Let’s count the ways.  ...
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child sitting in between two arguing parents
Can I still file for divorce right now? Should I wait to file a petition for modification of child support? These are common questions we’re hearing at our Fort Worth family law firm in light of COVID-19. The truth is this: If you’ve postponed a divorce or child custody suit due to shelter in place—you...
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