How infidelity factors into the decision to file for divorce

Adultery is one of the most difficult experiences to overcome, regardless of whether a Texas couple is married or just dating. For those who are married, cheating can lead to a decision to file for divorce. Some spouses are able to work through infidelity issues, and a recent study suggests that certain individuals may be more willing to forgive an indiscretion on the part of their spouse.

The study was recently published in the Journal of Sexuality and Culture. The researchers involved looked at gender and previous exposure to acts of infidelity. They worked with more than 300 individuals, more than two-thirds of whom were women. The study found that individuals who have a history of cheating were more likely to forgive that behavior in others.

Not surprisingly, the forgiving nature was more easily granted to those with the same gender as the individual respondent. That is to say, when presented with scenarios that involved one partner cheating on the other, men were more accepting and/or forgiving of the men who cheated than the women. Likewise, female participants were more likely to forgive and/or accept the females within the cheating scenarios. This could suggest that an individual’s willingness to forgive bad behavior has more to do with forgiving their own choices.

For those in Texas who are faced with one or more acts of infidelity and are trying to determine how to move forward, this research may offer a measure of hope. If cheating has been a factor for both a husband and wife, it may be easier for partners to forgive one another and try to work things out. However, there are many cases in which infidelity marks the end of a marriage, and divorce is the best course of action.

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