For many couples, buying a home counts as one of the most significant milestones of married life. The family home also qualifies as one of the biggest assets in many marital estates, which means any equity in that home may be subject to division upon divorce. Since Texas is a community property state that also...
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Waiver papers with gavel
There are two types of divorce waivers of service in Texas (also referred to as a waiver of citation): a Specific Waiver of Service and a Global Waiver of Service. You must file your petition for divorce before you can submit a waiver of service to your spouse. By filing a signed Specific or Global...
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Divorce Decree document with Gavel
Whether you believe a mistake was made in your original divorce case or a party to your divorce is dealing with a substantial change in circumstances years later, you may be able to take steps to amend divorce decree orders. The Texas Family Code sets forth strict guidelines regarding the modification of divorce decree provisions,...
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Man with fingers crossed behind his back
Accusing someone of lying on divorce papers or lying in court is a very serious allegation. Unfortunately, perjury in family court does happen and can result in serious consequences if the accuser provides evidence to support the allegation. Proving perjury is not as easy as you might think, however, if you believe your ex is...
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road with the word divorce painted on it
It isn’t uncommon for clients to ask us: “What is the quickest way to get a divorce?” Some people come to us fed up with an unhappy marriage hoping to secure a divorce quickly, while others find themselves in the roommate zone with their spouse and simply want to move on with their lives. Regardless...
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teen with band-aid on arm after covid shot
On May 10, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded its emergency use authorization (EUA) of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to include children ages 12 to 15. The FDA previously authorized teens ages 16 and older to receive the Pfizer COVID vaccinations in December 2020. This latest authorization could open the door to...
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Father looking at mother who is holding a sad baby
If you are getting divorced and will be sharing custody of a child, what can you expect regarding visitation and the possession schedule? Even if the other parent will have primary custody, you as the non-custodial parent should expect to have reasonable visitation rights and access to your child. Who determines what is reasonable and...
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Husband and wife with divorce papers
When your ex does not comply with your divorce decree, what steps can you take? If your ex-spouse willfully disregarded orders set forth in the decree, you may be able to file a motion for contempt. If the judge believes your ex willfully violated orders in the decree, he or she could hold your ex...
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Sad Child Parents on Beach in Background
Divorce and child custody battles often go hand and hand. If you’re getting a divorce (or never married but split up with your child’s other parent), who gets custody of the child in divorce is probably top of mind. You may also be wondering how to get primary custody, and how custody works in general....
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Couple arguing
The phrase “legal separation” is so common in American culture that it may shock you to hear that no such thing exists in Texas. That’s right, Texas doesn’t recognize legal separation, however, the state does offer legal remedies to accomplish similar goals. While we can’t tell you how to get a legal separation in Texas,...
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