Considering divorce? Exhaust all available options first

When a spouse is thinking about ending their marriage, it is important to take the time to delve into the reasons behind such thoughts. Divorce is one of the most significant life events that a person can go through, and it is a step that should never be taken lightly. In many cases, Texas spouses can benefit from working with a therapist, either alone or with their partner, to decide how to move forward when there are marital problems at play.

In order for couples therapy to be effective, both parties have to be committed to the process, and to trying to work out their differences and remain together. In many cases, spouses agree to therapy only to appease their partner, or because they have already decided to end the marriage but want to break that news to their spouse with the help of a therapist. However, when both spouses are ready and willing to do the work required during therapy, the marriage can often be saved and even strengthened.

In regard to individual therapy, one of the primary benefits is the ability to focus exclusively on one’s own feelings about the relationship without having to worry about how those thoughts might affect their partner. This is the place to explore whether you are really and truly committed to working through the difficulties within your marriage, or if things have devolved past the point of no return. In addition, if divorce is the end result, having the support of a therapist can make the following period of transition easier to weather.

At the end of the day, the decision to either work on the marriage or move toward divorce is one of the most important choices that a Texas couple can make. It deserves the full attention of both spouses, and a concerted effort to determine if the marriage can be saved. Therapy does not always end in the repair of a damaged marriage, but in many cases those who do decide to find a divorce attorney in Fort Worth can do so with the knowledge that they exhausted every possible option for working things out. This allows both parties to move forward with a greater degree of clarity and determination, which can translate into a happier future.

Source:, Should You Get A Divorce? Questions To Ask Before ‘I Don’t’, Lesli Doares, Feb. 20, 2014