Help! My spouse is voting for the wrong candidate!

Maybe you find yourself seething within your marriage during this political election. You just can’t fathom why your spouse would ever vote for (fill-in-the-blank).

If you and your spouse are fighting about the election, you are not alone. And truly, marriages can survive political differences. Sometimes, our differences make us stronger. They at least can make life a bit more interesting.

Do you fear, however, that the bickering that this election has ignited within your marriage has deeper, more troubling roots? Maybe there is a cause for true concern and for your lingering tendency to think about divorce.

Some psychologists suggest that most marriages that last include partners who mesh in certain aspects. According to a Business Insider piece, the following is common among lasting marriages:

  • Partners have similar beliefs and values.
  • Partners have a good time together and are attracted to each other.
  • Each partner thinks the other is intelligent.
  • The couple works well together in problem-solving.

Of the above situations, the matters of beliefs and values and believing in a partner’s intelligence come into play most obviously in terms of an election season. Psychologists note effort is what gets couples through their major differences in ideals and values.

What if the effort doesn’t change the amount of arguing between you and your spouse? What if, even though you have tried, you just cannot accept your partner’s view on political issues that represent core principles that guide you in your life?

It is one thing to simply disagree every now and then about a candidate or a singular political issue. But consistent disagreement over politics might represent a consistent division of partners’ attitudes and beliefs about life. For those whose differences divide them too strongly and too often for comfort, divorce might be healthier than a constant battle.

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