Mediation can provide a positive means of settling a divorce

Couples who are on the path towards divorce must first decide how to process the end of their marriage. Divorce is never a one-size-fits-all proposition, and there are multiple ways that spouses can make the transition from married to single. In decades past, litigation was the primary path to divorce, but today’s couples can benefit from a more flexible approach. Collaboration and mediation are both options that allow spouses to work together to reach a divorce settlement that is acceptable to all parties, and is a great option for many Texas families.

In mediation, spouses meet with a trained mediator to go over the particulars of their divorce, including but not limited to child custody and property division. The mediator will guide the process, and help spouses focus on their options and how to create a fair outcome that both sides can live with. The approach is one of cooperation and collaboration, and the atmosphere can be far less combative than traditional negotiations.

In order for mediation to be successful, both parties have to commit to the process. This means sharing a stated goal of avoiding court, and of working together to reach an agreeable end to the union. It can be helpful to have a written set of guidelines to follow so that all parties know what is expected of them throughout the process. Having a timeline for the completion of various steps is also beneficial.

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When facing divorce, Texas couples should know that there are options available. Just as no two families are like, it is also true that no two divorces are identical. Finding the right path to the end of a marriage is important, and for many couples, mediation offers a far less contentious and stressful way to reach a settlement.

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