Family Law
parents arguing
With the back-to-school season looming, parents are scrambling to arrange online schooling for their kids due to COVID-19. In recent weeks, many parents have asked us how child custody may be impacted if they allow their ex or a stepparent to monitor schooling. Other parents ask who gets to make decisions about homeschooling, changing schools...
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Dr. Gina Galloway and Attorney Justin Sisemore
During a divorce, many parents are unsure of what information they should and should not share with their kids. Some parents say too much, while other parents say too little. Wondering what information is OK to share with your child during your divorce? What if you received an injunction prohibiting you from discussing divorce litigation?...
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upset teen with phone
Coping with divorce is hard enough for kids without a parent’s new partner thrown in the mix. If your child complains constantly about her wicked stepmother, or you’re a dad whose kid can’t stand mom’s new boyfriend, it’s best to think before you react. Unless the children are in danger, teaching them how to cope...
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Man listening to two women talking behind his back
Most parents want what’s best for their kids. However, the highly stressful, emotional roller coaster of divorce causes some parents to say awful things about their child’s other parent, damaging the child emotionally. Taken too far, manipulative badmouthing and attempts to alienate the child from the other parent could also lead to allegations of parental...
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Dr. Galloway and Sad child
At the Sisemore Law Firm in Fort Worth, we often encourage clients to speak with a family therapist during divorce—especially when children are involved. Not sure if family counseling is right for you? We asked Tarrant County licensed family therapist Gina Galloway, Ph.D. to shed light on the many ways counselors can help families before,...
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sad woman on the phone
Shelter-in-place mandates have brought some couples joyfully together, while all of this forced togetherness has put other marriages to the test. Our lives will get back to normal—albeit a NEW normal—one day, but can your marriage survive? While we encourage couples to take proactive steps to solidify their marriages during these trying times, COVID-19 may...
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Man on cell phone wearing business suit
“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” —C.S. Lewis While we have a long way to go before the coronavirus pandemic is in our rearview mirrors, we’re getting a glimpse of what family law will look like in the future. Family lawyers, clients and the courts adapted pretty quickly to shelter...
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Person signing a document
It all seems so simple. You want to name a medical power of attorney, and a quick Google search provides everything you need. Or does it? All you need to do is print out a form, fill it out and sign it. The same goes for a durable power of attorney and wills. Right? Not...
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