Can alimony be paid to two exes?

Yes, alimony is still a thing. And yes it can be rehabilitative or go on until an order changes it or it runs out. While the general concept of alimony is pretty common knowledge, many don’t realize that it can be paid to more than one person at a time. In some ‘rebound’ marriage divorces, an ex spouse could find themselves again ordered to pay alimony. Depending on the circumstances of their first divorce, a newly (again) single individual may be approaching financial ruin in the name of spousal support.

While the world mourned the loss of comedic legend Robin Williams, some were surprised to hear that finances may have played a substantial part in his struggle with depression. After two high profile divorces, Williams found himself paying massive alimony payments to both ex spouses. While it is more common for alimony to have a court ordered shelf life, in Williams’ case the alimony to his first ex was ordered to continue for life.

Although cases like Williams are not the norm, regular individuals can find themselves in alimony debt to more than one ex. Unlike child support, alimony amounts and duration are left at the discretion of the family court.Many states have guidelines they follow when determining if a spouse is eligible for support and for how long. For someone ordered to pay continued alimony, the struggle of losing a marriage may not be as bad as the financial one ahead of them.

If you are facing divorce and are worried about the impact an alimony order may have on your finances and livelihood, speaking to a trusted divorce attorney may help. Knowing your rights and having an advocate that understands the law may make the difference between paying your obligations and enduring financial struggle.

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