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It may be hard to believe but Facebook has been around and open to the general public since 2006—over 15 years! Twitter launched that same year, and since then we see new social network sites (SNS) popping up every day. Shortly after social media became a “thing,” complaints linking social media and marriage problems began to surface. Is Facebook bad for marriage? The short answer...
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Couple arguing about divorce
If you’re considering divorce, or your spouse has already filed divorce papers, it’s important to understand the potential risks that coincide with ending a marriage and how to protect yourself during a divorce. Knowing your rights and proper steps to take leading up to and during divorce may help minimize the emotional and financial toll divorce often brings. My husband wants a divorce what are...
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ex manipulating visitation schedule
Ex manipulating visitation schedule? You can potentially pursue a contempt of court action for violating a court order. Additionally, you might explore modifying your child custody agreement to secure more time with your children or impose restrictions on her parenting time. Toxic co parenting: now if that isn’t an oxymoron if I ever heard one. After all, co-parenting means working together to do what’s best...
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Two moms and their baby
When I started practicing family law in 2006, LGBT couples faced more challenges with same sex couple adoption than they do today. Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision recognizing same-sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges), society in general has become more supportive of gay adoption. I also find that many birth mothers choose same-sex couples over heterosexual couples. In addition, all states now recognize the...
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Parents argue as son covers ears
Most parents realize divorce and child custody battles can be troubling for children. However, many parents underestimate the impact their behavior toward the other parent (good and bad) and willingness to co-parent can have on their kids. If you want to mitigate the psychological effects of child custody battles for your child, be civil to the other parent, get counseling, think long-term and be flexible...
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Father and Daughter watching Ipad together
The number of fathers’ rights advocacy groups has grown steadily in recent years. You’ll even find divorce attorneys who market themselves as father’s rights lawyers. If you’re a father fighting for custody or looking for advocates for fathers paying child support, where should you turn? There are numerous resources available to fathers seeking guidance and plenty of skilled divorce attorneys capable of fighting for your...
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