Small things may build up to a divorce

In the movies, it seems like divorce always happens in dramatic fashion when one spouse walks in on the other spouse, who is cheating with the neighbor, a friend or a co-worker. In seconds, a relationship that took years to build comes to an end.

This does happen, but the reality is that a lot of divorces happen more slowly. Little things build up over time. There may not be a dramatic moment, but the marriage is just as surely falling apart.

For example, one spouse may start out doing little things, like making the coffee in the morning or doing the laundry at night. At the beginning of the relationship, the other spouse is very appreciative. After all, he or she probably did these things alone before the marriage, so the difference is notable.

Over time, though, that spouse starts to take these things — and the other spouse — for granted. He or she doesn’t say thank you anymore. Maybe that spouse even starts to act like it’s the other person’s job to do these daily chores.

This can really kill the spirit of the marriage. People want to know that they are appreciated. Being taken for granted is frustrating and it can erode the basis of that marriage, lead to fights and even make one spouse crave a new relationship where the other person will really care.

Have these little things chipped away at your marriage until you’ve realized it’s time to move on? If so, be sure you know all of your legal rights and talk to a divorce attorney in Fort Worth.

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