More women getting divorced in the US

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More women are getting divorced in the U.S. and staying single, according to a study by Bowling Green State University’s National Center for Marriage and Family Research. The study reported that 15 percent of women in the country are currently divorced or separated.

The number of divorced women in the U.S. is much higher today than it was in the past. The percentage of women getting divorced has significantly increased during the last few decades as the report notes that less than one percent of women in 1920 were divorced.

Why has the divorce rate increased so much during the last few decades and why are more women opting to stay single after getting divorced?

One of the biggest reasons the divorce rate has increased is due to cultural changes and attitudes toward divorce. Society is much more accepting of divorce than they were in the past, which makes the decision to get divorced easier.

Another reason more women are getting divorced is that they are able to have their own careers and make a living on their own so they don’t have to rely on their husbands for financial support. Studies have shown that when women are financially secure and independent, they feel more comfortable filing for divorce because they can support themselves.

While the change in cultural attitudes toward divorce and women’s earning potential explains why more women are getting divorced, why are more women staying single and not getting remarried?

The study did not specifically state reasons explaining why more women are staying single but the marriage rate has continued to decline in the U.S., so it makes sense that fewer divorced women would choose to remarry, especially if they are financially independent and can live happily on their own.

This study shows that divorce is becoming more common in our society and that trend will most likely continue, which means that more women and men are expected to get divorced in the future. Divorce can be complicated for many individuals and people thinking about filing for divorce should contact a divorce attorney to understand how the divorce process works and what steps to take to make the process easier.

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