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Coping with divorce is hard enough for kids without a parent’s new partner thrown in the mix. If your child complains constantly about her wicked stepmother, or you’re a dad whose kid can’t stand mom’s new boyfriend, it’s best to think before you react. Unless the children are in danger, teaching them how to cope...
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Dr. Galloway and Sad child
At the Sisemore Law Firm in Fort Worth, we often encourage clients to speak with a family therapist during divorce—especially when children are involved. Not sure if family counseling is right for you? We asked Tarrant County licensed family therapist Gina Galloway, Ph.D. to shed light on the many ways counselors can help families before,...
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While military divorces bear many similarities to civilian divorces, federal regulations regarding military retirement benefits can complicate matters. Duration of marriage during military service, proper documentation and capabilities of legal counsel all play integral roles in the outcome of military divorce settlements in Texas. ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY: In honor of your service, the Sisemore Law...
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Can I still file for divorce right now? Should I wait to file a petition for modification of child support? These are common questions we’re hearing at our Fort Worth family law firm in light of COVID-19. The truth is this: If you’ve postponed a divorce or child custody suit due to shelter in place—you...
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Texas is a community property state, which means all assets acquired by a couple during a marriage are subject to fair and equitable division upon divorce. In order to divide retirement accounts (IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, etc.), you need a properly executed qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). The trouble is that’s it’s pretty easy to screw...
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Family Breaking Apart
This is a common question we hear from parents at our Fort Worth law firm. The answer to this question depends on what the parent believes “full custody” or “sole custody” means because custody isn’t a term used in Texas law. If you’re hoping to get sole custody in Texas, you can expect the family...
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Credit Card
While going through a divorce usually isn’t easy, finding the money to pay for one can be equally challenging. This is especially true for people who haven’t worked for a while or a spouse who knows little about the family’s finances. If you’re facing divorce and not sure how to pay for it, we’ve got...
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Wedding Ring
When we first meet with prospective clients at our Fort Worth family law firm, we like to speak openly and honestly about divorce costs. The reality is that getting divorced usually costs thousands of dollars. You also get what you pay for—a great divorce attorney at an established law firm will cost you more than...
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When we ask clients why they want to get a divorce, “My spouse is a narcissist,” frequently comes up. While everyone accused of being a narcissist won’t be clinically diagnosed as such, narcissism does destroy relationships. If you’re married to someone with narcissistic traits—even if they only have a few— it could have a negative...
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Single father with his daughter and a pumpkin pie.
Amicably co-parenting is a big challenge for many couples during and after divorce. When you add holidays into the mix—along with all the memories and traditions tied to them—emotions can really run high. Taking proactive steps early in the divorce process is key if you want to avoid holiday co-parenting drama and minimize stress for...
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